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The Bristol Knee Clinic

The Bristol Orthopaedic Clinic

• The Glen Spire Hospital, Bristol
• St Mary's Hospital, Bristol
• St Joseph's Hospital, Newport
• The Lister Hospital, London

Appointment Bookings:

• Tel: 0117 970 6655


The "Glen" Spire Hospital
Redland Hill
Bristol BS6 6UT

Tel: 0117 980 4080

Bristol Nuffield Hospital at St Mary's
Upper Byron Place
Bristol BS8 1JU

Tel: 0117 970 6655

St Joseph's Hospital
Harding Avenue
Newport NP20 6ZE

Tel: 01633 820300

The Lister Hospital
The Lister Hospital
Chelsea Bridge Rd.

Tel: 01179 706655

Skiing Advice


Skiing Information Leaflet Available from GPs

Skiing is one of the most popular sports worldwide with many millions of travellers from the UK participating each year. However Skiing remains an activity with a high incidence of injuries. The incidence of injuries is particularly high in the UK as most participants only ski for a single week each year.

There are many ways to reduce the possibility of injury and to ski-safely. Skiers should also have at least a basic knowledge of what to do if injured and where to seek expert advice and treatment.


In order to gain the most enjoyment from your holiday you need to be physicallyfit , exercising at high altitude places increased demands on your heart and lungs as well as the leg muscles. It is worth starting a fitness program at least 6 weeks before departing for the slopes.


Specialised safety equipment should always be carried when skiing off piste. Children should always wear a helmet and a whistle may be useful. These can usually be hired at the resort. Wrist supports are also advisable for snowboarding.

The most important equipment consideration is the ski-bindings. These are the release mechanism which when working correctly will protect your knee or tibia from serious injury during a fall. It is essential to have the tension in the binding accurately set against not only your body weight and height but also your skiing ability. Remember it is infinitely better to have a binding release early and avoid injury than for it not to release appropriately and for an injury to occur.

Warm Up

The majority of skiing injuries occur on the first run of the day due to not warming up, or on the last run when people are tired and fatigued. Warming up includes muscle and joint stretching, followed by graduated exercise.

Avoiding Injury

Ski equipment should be serviced by an expert at the beginning of each season. If hiring your equipment then having expert fitting is essential. A daily check of the binding release mechanism may prevent serious injury. After your warm up try a gentle familiar run to acclimatise to the equipment and snow conditions each day. Remember that the last run of the day should also be a gentle familiar run.

Treating Injuries

If the injury is serious and movement impossible without pain call for assistance from other skiers or the ski patrol. Only ski on if you are fit to do so.

For knee injuries if the knee swells immediately or fees unstable or loose it is likely that the Anterior cruciate ligament may have been torn. It is not usually advisable to ski with this injury and help should be sought. The acute treatment of minor injuries usually includes rest, elevation and wrapping the injured part in ice for short periods to help control the swelling. Additional support may be obtained from a chemist, physiotherapist or local medical facility. For more severe injuries there is usually a local doctor or orthopaedic surgeon available.

If further surgical treatment is advised in the resort it is important to ensure that this is necessary rather than for the surgery to be delayed and to return home.

Further treatment

Most skiing injures should be assessed by an orthopaedic surgeon on returning to the UK. This can be arranged directly with an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in sports injuries. Further referral for an X Ray, MRI scan or surgery if required can then be arranged. Appointments with Mr. Johnson may be booked by telephone on 0117 970 6655.

Contact us to find out how we can help prevent and treat sports injuries and strains.

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